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Personal Loans for Self-Employed Individuals with Bad Credit

The number of unemployed individuals is quite high. Nowadays, many people would rather be self-employed than be employed. Even though being employed comes with its own perks, being self-employed means, you are your own boss. However, sometimes, you may be in a financial pinch, and your bad credit isn’t making things any better.

Getting a personal loan for self-employed can be challenging. First, lenders will require you to provide bank statements, business licenses, and pay stubs to showcase your income. But, you may have previous debts and overdue payments that may affect your credit score which might lead to loan rejection.

You may have a well-thriving business, but your credit isn’t good. The good thing is that there are loans for self-employed people with bad credit. This is a relief to many. They can get urgent funds even if they have no credit history. Generally, such loans come at a higher rate because they require a lot of documentation and are risky.

Nevertheless, if you are seeking a way to secure funds if you are self-employed, but your credit history isn’t up to par, getting a personal loan for self-employed with bad credit could be a viable option that is worth considering.

Types of personal loans for self-employed individuals with bad credit

A credit score is one major aspect considered when applying for loans. A credit score of less than 670 might be considered not good. It may hinder any individual from acquiring a loan. However, some lenders will still help those with bad credit to get funds for emergencies such as paying medical bills.

On the other hand, if you have bad credit, you are viewed as a risky borrower, which could lead to you getting a loan at a high rate.

The following are the types of loans for self-employed people with bad credit:

  1. Bad credit installment loans for the self-employed

For self-employed individuals with inconsistent income and no pay stubs to verify their income, it could be difficult to qualify for a loan. Luckily, installment loan providers are willing to consider such individuals. These lenders understand the irregularity of self-employment income and offer loans repaid through regular monthly installments.

  1. Poor credit auto loans for self-employed

If you are self-employed with bad credit, securing a personal auto loan is tricky because of limited information on your income and credit history. Lenders won’t be able to assess your eligibility.

An alternative option for those with low credit scores who wish to purchase a car is to get a poor credit auto loan for the self-employed, which is specifically tailored for self-employed.

These loans will help when you need urgent funds. They are categorized as short-term, allowing you to borrow cash for a limited period, but the car must be used as collateral.

  1. Home loans for self-employed

There are also home loans for the self-employed with bad credit. It is easier to qualify for home loans when compared to other types of mortgages. Such loans are ideal for small business owners facing financial challenges such as late bill payments, charged-off accounts, bankruptcy declarations, or foreclosure proceedings.

  1. Short-term loans for self-employed

These loans are the best when you require quick funding for your small business when it is on the brink of bankruptcy or in case of emergency, and you have no savings. Short-term loans will be great to provide you with the funds you want to settle whatever situation you may be in. You will be able to meet your needs quickly.

How much to borrow as a self-employed?

Being self-employed with bad credit does not prevent you from getting a loan. On the contrary, some lenders do not care how you get your income. Provided you prove how you are getting your income and you can pay it back, you can qualify for a loan at lendingplate.

The challenge comes when you have to show proof of your income. The amount you will get is determined by how much you earn. Besides, other aspects that determine the amount you can get are the loan type you’re applying for, the down payment you will make if the loan is secured, and your capability to repay the loan.

To show your ability to repay the loan, you should provide documents to show your income, like bank statements and any other proof of your earnings. Ensure you are prepared beforehand with all the necessary documents.

Though a credit score will also play a major role, having income and showing proof will help you get approved for the loan. Not only that, you should also be prepared to repay a higher amount for the loan due to high APR and interest costs.


As said, whether you are a contractor, freelancer, or economy worker with bad credit, you can still avail of a personal loan. Nowadays, some lenders provide personal loans for self-employed with no credit history or a bad score. As long as you can prove you are getting income, you will likely avail a loan to get you going.

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